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Monday, August 07, 2006

896. Oh, goody!

Time for another Bush Quiz. (The Twentieth Hundred Days, Paul Slansky, The New Yorker, 8/7/06)

1. Complete George W. Bush’s quote: “I believe that my job is _____.”

(a) to protect life. And sometimes people have to die in order to protect life, see? And that saddens me.

(b) hard. It’s a heckuva hard job. It’s difficult. But I’m doin’ it, see, and I’m gonna keep on doin’ it, because that’s the job of a President.

(c) to go out and explain to people what’s on my mind. That’s why I’m having this press conference, see? I’m telling you what’s on my mind. And what’s on my mind is winning the war on terror.

(d) to construe the laws I sign in a Presidential way. Because that’s part of being a leader, see, is construing with your gut.

Answer to this question and the rest of the quiz here....


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